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The Fourth of July – 7/4/2018



The Fourth of July
is the most significant national holiday
in the United States.

It celebrates the Declaration of Independence,
adopted on 4 July, 1776.

The Thirteen Colonies of America
declared themselves to be states

and no longer part of the British Empire,
The Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 representatives of thirteen
self-styled states (previously the Thirteen Colonies).
The signatories included future president Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.
Fourth of July





Fragrance of Worship – 6/10/2018



My insides are turned inside out;
    specters of death have me down.
I shake with fear,
    I shudder from head to foot.
“Who will give me wings,” I ask—
    “wings like a dove?”
Get me out of here on dove wings;
    I want some peace and quiet.
I want a walk in the country,
    I want a cabin in the woods.
I’m desperate for a change
    from rage and stormy weather.
Psalm 55:4-8