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Meal of Life – The supper of Jesus


Blessed are those invited to the Supper of the Lamb.
Revelation 19:9

Memorial Day was birthed in May of 1865 by a group of freed slaves in Charleston, South Carolina. They visited a cemetery for Union soldiers, decorating their graves to Remember: FREEDOM is not FREE!

Israel received this instruction for the eve of their liberation: “Each Jewish man is to take a lamb for his family and slaughter it at dusk. He must take some of the blood and smear it on the two doorposts and the lintel of the house in which his family will eat the meat, along with bread. This will be a memorial day for you….” (Exodus 12:1-12)  Remember: FREEDOM is not FREE!

On the eve of his crucifixion Jesus took bread. When He had given thanks, He broke it and said, ‘Take this bread and eat it. This is my body which is broken for you. Do this to remember Me.’ After supper, He took the cup. He said, ‘This cup is the New Way of Relationship between God and you via my blood. Whenever you drink it, do it to remember Me” (1 Corinthians 11:23-25) . Remember: FREEDOM is not FREE!

“Every time you eat this bread and drink from this cup you proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes again” (1Corinthians 11:26). Jesus will return with the Father’s new production, “a new heaven and a new earth.”(Revelation 21:1)  Here’s Act One: “Then I heard the sound of many people. ‘Let us be full of joy, for the time has come for the wedding supper of the Lamb. Those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb are happy.”(Revelation 19:6-10FREEDOM is not FREE!

Guess what? YOU’RE invited! Just RSVP to Jesus!



Here’s a challenge: page through some of your Owner’s Manuals associated with energized products. Everyone will contain warnings about the product. Furthermore, you will discover that the quantity and strength of the warnings is proportional to the danger in using the product. The cover of my chain saw manual reads: “WARNING: Read and follow all Safety Rules and Operating Instructions before using this product. Failure to do so can result in serious injury!” In 21 pages the word “WARNING appears 30 times. While the chain saw is an exceedingly beneficial tool for cutting trees, it’s also extremely dangerous! Yes, I know from experience!

So, the Bible contains many warnings about humans! Here’s an example: “A small rudder on a huge ship in the hands of a skilled captain sets a course in the face of the strongest winds. A word out of your mouth may seem of no account, but it can accomplish nearly anything—or destroy it! It only takes a spark, remember, to set off a forest fire. A careless or wrongly placed word out of your mouth can do that. By our speech we can ruin the world, turn harmony to chaos, throw mud on a reputation, and send the whole world up in smoke. This is scary! With our tongues we bless God our Father; with the same tongues we curse the very men and women he made in His image!

Who is more qualified to speak about the power of a product, both for good and ill, than the inventor? On September 27, 1905, Albert Einstein published what would become the world’s most famous equation: E = mc2. At the time he alone understood the power of the atom. So, not surprisingly he issued this warning: “When men are engaged in war and conquest the tools of science become as dangerous as a razor in the hands of a child.”

So, our Creator warns: “Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose.”

Manifestation of life—the church: a service center

God is building a dwelling place. He used the apostles … for the foundation. Now He’s using you, fitting you in brick by brick, stone by stone,  with Christ Jesus as the cornerstone that holds all the parts together. (Ephesians 2:20-22)

With the arrival of Jesus, Father started to build a new home called church.  Jesus is the Cornerstone—“The cornerstone of an ancient building served as an alignment stone for all subsequent construction” (Dr. Dan Hayden, A Plumb Line For Truth). The alignment of the twelve apostles to Jesus formed the foundation. All persons, subsequently connected to Jesus, are “living stones that God is building into his spiritual house” (1 Peter 2:4-5).

Jesus demonstrated the contour of the foundation a few hours before His death: “He got up from the supper table, set aside His robe, and put on an apron. Then He poured water into a basin and began to wash the feet of the disciples, drying them with His apron. Then He said, ‘You address Me as ‘Teacher’ and ‘Master,’ and rightly so. So if I, the Master and Teacher, washed your feet, you must now wash each other’s feet. I’ve laid down a PATTERN for you. What I’ve done, you do.” “The MODEL for the disciples in their following of Jesus is that of the man who serves at table: ‘But I am among you as one who serves’ (Luke 22:27)” (Hans Kung, The Church).

Jesus, therefore, intended the church to be a service center of sorts. Here are some of its services:

I was hungry and you fed Me,
I was thirsty and you gave Me a drink,
I was homeless and you gave Me a room,
I was shivering and you gave Me clothes,
I was sick and you stopped to visit,
I was in prison and you came to Me.’
Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, 
that was Me—you did it to Me. (Matthew 25:35-36)

Today I filled out a customer survey (hopefully I’ll win the $2500 sweepstakes!). The purpose of the survey was obvious: to determine the level of customer satisfaction with services rendered. From history we know the church scored high in services rendered. As defined above it conquered the Roman Empire in two centuries without investing in any bricks and mortar. Tertullian, a third century author, observed: “The Christians’ deeds of love were so noble that the pagan world confessed in astonishment, ‘See how they love one another.’”

Snapshots of the Cross in the Old Testament—exodus to freedom

God said to Moses, “This month is to be the first month of the year for you. Each man is to take a one year old lamb without defect. On the fourteenth day slaughter it at dusk. Take some of the blood and smear it on the two doorposts and the lintel of the houses in which you will eat it. You are to eat the meat, roasted in the fire, along with bread, made without yeast. Here is how you are to eat it: Be fully dressed with your sandals on and your stick in your hand. I will go through the land of Egypt on this night and strike down every firstborn in the land of Egypt. The blood will serve as a sign on the houses where you live. When I see the blood I will pass over you.” (Exodus 12:1-14) 

JUNE 6, 1944—Like a megaphone one event, the Normandy Invasion, echoed across every enslaved country: “Freedom is Coming! The bondage of Hitler ended in less than a year. Israel had been in brutal bondage for 430 years. Their “Exodus to Freedom” began on Passover when Pharaoh was forced to release his choke hold on the Jews.

lambThe focus of the Passover was a lamb without defect. On the 14th day it was to be slaughtered; its blood drained and its body prepared for roasting over fire. The blood was to be applied to the door frame. The roasted lamb was to be eaten with unleavened bread. Finally, the Jews were to be outfitted for traveling.

At midnight on the 15th day God struck every firstborn in the land of Egypt including the firstborn of Pharaoh. There wasn’t a house in which someone wasn’t dead” (Exodus 12:29-32)However, every household displaying the blood of the lamb was passed over. “Pharaoh called in Moses that very night and said, ‘Get out of here—you and your Israelites!’” (Exodus 12:31)

Scripture teaches Jesus died at the 9th hour (3 P.M.) on the Preparation Day which was the 14th day of the first month of the Hebrew calendar.  It was in the afternoon of the 14th of the first month that the lambs were slaughtered and prepared for the eating of the Passover. It is apparent Jesus died at the very time the lambs were being killed for eating of the Passover. Jesus fulfilled the typology of the Passover lambs in becoming the Lamb of God slain for the sins of the world.” (Theological Perspectives)

Your life is a journey you must travel with a deep consciousness of God. It cost God plenty to get you out of that dead-end, empty-headed life you grew up in. He paid with Christ’s sacred blood, you know. He died like an unblemished, sacrificial lamb” (1 Peter 1:18-21). At the Cross of Jesus, the Passover Lamb, God began His Normandy Invasion of enemy occupied territory, thus making possible an “Exodus to Freedom” for anyone. That’s right, ANYONE!

So, here’s the question: have you applied the blood of Jesus to the doorway of your heart? By faith have you connected with Jesus?

Faith on Fridays—Faith and finale

Faith in Jesus makes up the Mechanics of Life.

When he was five years old, His father gave him a magnetic pocket compass to play with while he was sick in bed. As an old man, he wrote of this compass with its needle always, mysteriously turning to the north, ‘I can still remember … that this experience made a deep and lasting impression on me. Something deeply hidden had to be behind things’ (Craig Stroupe). Albert Einstein was a man of small stature but of great intuition. He sawsomething deeply hidden … behind things.” In 1905 he published what he saw: E=mc2. On paper he said the visible (Mass), is actually invisible (Energy). Furthermore, he promoted the idea that a little Mass is able to produce a lot of energy.

By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God; everything we now see was fashioned from that which is invisible” (Hebrews 11:3). The Manual says the visible and invisible are related. Einstein was the first human to correctly see this deeply hidden truth behind things! However, forty year later in Japan, this truth was verified before the whole world. Fifty-five pounds of uranium was converted to 15,000 tons of explosive force, annihilating Hiroshima by force and fire. Albert saw correctly!

But wait! There’s more—“It remains that the day of the Lord will come suddenly and unexpectedly …. In that day the heavens will disappear in a terrific blast, the very elements will disintegrate in heat and the earth and all that is in it will be burnt up to nothing.” How will it happen, exactly? When will it happen? Such questions are beyond my paygrade! However, no matter what my faith is hope-filled! “This day will mean that the heavens will disappear in fire and the elements will disintegrate, but our hopes are set not on these but on the new Heaven and the new Earth which Father has promised us.

So, when the curtain of history is called, will you seesomething deeply hidden … behind things?”