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Model of Life – The Person of Jesus


Held in Detroit, Michigan, the North American International Auto Show is one of the world’s premier public events, attracting over one million visitors. Though generating millions at its glitzy charity ball, the primary purpose of the affair is to unveil new models.


Over 2000 years ago, a model debut occurred that impacted the whole world. The event, of course, was the birth of Jesus (John 1:14). In a Bethlehem stable, a most unlikely venue for such an auspicious unveiling, the Maker of Life revealed His authentic design for human living … the Model of Life. “God the Son came to reveal what being human is truly all about from our Creator’s perspective.” (Jesus Defines True Humanity)



Who am I? It’s the most profound question we ask.
To answer the question we resort to the input from others:
parents, siblings, extended family, friends.
Furthermore, we base our identity on performance or lack thereof.
Finally, we allow circumstances to craft our selfhood.
Here’s the problem: all that data is flawed.
Hence, we all have an identity crisis.






And yet, for all of their awesome beauty, both in form and color, creatures of nature do not reflect God’s being. Only humans do! God created human beings; reflecting His nature. (Genesis 1:26-27). However, as a result of Adam and Eve’s separation from God our identity as authentic Human Beings was shattered. Consequently, we all live with a crisis of identity.



We see the original and intended shape of our lives there IN HIM. (Romans 8:28-30) Jesus is the Creator’s Prototype of Human-ness, the Original Human Being, and the Pattern of Humanity!  In your uniqueness, you were designed to be a “Jesus Person.” That’s the foundation of your authentic identity! Anything other than that is less than YOU!

David, the Psalmist, got the point! Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it. (Psalm 139:14)



I am the Way to the Truth about Life. John 14:6