Easter Impact – Part 6

His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to a God-like life
through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence.
1 Peter 1:3-4

The impact of EASTER is Energy.

The impact of EASTER is Attitude.

The impact of EASTER is Success!

The impact of EASTER is Transformation!

The impact of EASTER is Excellence!

Remember, the focus of our attention is the impact of Jesus resurrection NOW!

Peter begins: “His divine power ….” This is the same Greek word (δυναμεως) with which we began our Easter journey. The scope of this power is “all things that relate to the God-like life.” In other words, everything one needs to become Chirst-like is available NOW via the indwelling power of God.

What’s the purpose of this all inclusive power? We are “called (HERE AND NOW) to God’s own glory and excellence.” Read those words again. You are called to reflect “God’s own glory and excellence” in your being! CITATION TO PREVIOUS POST)Calvin said: “[The Creator] intends for human beings to do [that which is directed] to the full revelation of His glory.” Your Creator has high expectations for you! You are to be a soaring, monarch butterfly not a ground hugging caterpillar.

However, most followers of Jesus live like caterpillars, far below the destiny to which God has called them. Hailed as the most quoted person in the Christian Church today,” George Barna stated: Common success measures, such as church attendance and program completion, showed little correlation with transformational progress.”  Furthermore, for those who identify themselves as “born again“, Barna makes these assertions:

We confuse salvation with transformation. We confuse presence with connection. We confuse acquaintance with relationship. We confuse participation with integration.  We confuse intellectual knowledge with faith.
We confuse busyness with significance. We confuse emotional happiness with joy. We confuse regularity with passion. We confuse physical comfort with divine reward.”

Most often the word excellence is conjoined with the word pursuit. Here’s a few examples! 

Excellence is a pursuit! (Aristotle)
Those who attain any excellence, commonly spend life in one pursuit; excellence is not often gained upon easier terms. (Samuel Johnson).
My philosophy all my life has been the pursuit of excellence. (John Kluge).
The pursuit of excellence is the proper vocation of man. (Cassius Keyser).
The pursuit of excellence is a continuous process through life. (Elaine Chao)

I discovered this creature outside our garage door. I enlarged the photos so that you can see the detail of design! Commencing as a caterpillar, this creature pursued excellence that ended in the demonstration of the Creator’s glory. Calvin said, “The created order bears abundant witness to a Creator who is a masterful designer.” Granted, in this creature the power of pursuit is automatic. In us, however, it’s a matter of persistent passion for God. So, life is not about your money, your status, your degrees, your power, your occupation, your breed! It’s about our passion (unlimited power is within us) to pursue excellence of being so that God’s glory is enlarged. Easter is Excellence!