Christ and creation—evidence from the scene

wallaceAllow me to introduce J. Warner Wallace, author of God’s Crime Scene.He was an atheist for 35 years. He was passionate in his opposition to Christianity, and enjoyed debating his Christian friends. He seldom found them prepared to defend what they believed. He became a Police Officer and eventually advanced to Detective. Along the way, he developed a healthy respect for the role of evidence in discerning truth, and his profession gave him ample opportunity to press into service what he had learned about the nature and power of evidence. Throughout all of this, he remained an angry atheist, hostile to Christianity and largely dismissive of Christians.”

However, “when Warner took time to be honest with himself, he admitted that he never took the time to examine the evidence for the Christian Worldview without the bias and presupposition of naturalism. He never gave the case for Christianity a fair shake. When he finally examined the evidence, he found it difficult to deny, especially if he hoped to retain his respect for the way evidence is utilized to determine truth. Warner found the evidence for Christianity to be convincing. From angry atheist, to skeptic, to believer, to seminarian, to pastor, to author and podcaster, his journey has been assisted by his experience as a Detective” (

In my last post I wrote about the place of Christ in Cosmology. In this video J. Warner handles the same material but from the vantage point of a Detective. He discusses the nature of the universe and the evidence for God’s existence. Did the universe have a beginning? If so, what is the best explanation? Can the beginning of the universe be explained from “inside the room” of the natural universe, or does the best explanation for the universe lie “outside the room”? Are you prepared for some detective work?