A Second Touch – Two Stage Miracle

Some people brought a blind man to Jesus. They asked if He would touch him. He took the blind man by the hand out of town. Then He spit on the eyes of the blind man and put His hands on him. He asked, Do you see anything?” The blind man looked up and said, “I see some men. They look like trees, walking.” Jesus put His hands on the man’s eyes again and told him to look up. Then he was healed and saw everything well. Jesus sent him to his home and said, “Do not go into the town, *or tell it to anyone there.”   Mark 8:22-26

Surely, this is one of the more puzzling events of Jesus’ ministry! Heretofore, every healing was “out of the ball park“! Here, however, Jesus appears to be having an “off day“! Famous, Detroit Tiger pitcher Justin Verlander knows about this! Some days you just don’t have “the stuff“! However, in his apparent weakness Jesus seems to use an illegal “spit ball”! OK, enough lightheartedness!

We know this for sure! Given Jesus’ other miracles, He had no lack of power. He always had “the right stuff!” So, what’s going on here? There’s a business / political axiom that says, “Never waste a good crisis!” This event, a crisis of sorts, was primarily orchestrated for the disciples! From the initiation of their calling, “Follow me!”, the disciples SAW! After all they left their families and livelihood! If one is relatively sane, one doesn’t do that on a whim!

Nonetheless, Paul accurately describes the disciples’ condition. “We don’t yet see things clearly. We’re squinting in a fog, peering through a mist.” Is there evidence? It began in Gethsemane. The disciples ALL fled the scene! (Matthew 26:54) A few hours later Peter’s actions indicate that he was momentarily blinded. (Matthew 26:74-75) [Excruciating trauma can do this! Ask any VET! Later, all of the disciples huddled behind locked doors for fear of the Jews! And, when Mary brought the news of Jesus’ resurrection, the male disciples thought she had lost her marbles (Luke 24:9-11) [so much for male spirituality!]

This story is for all who, like the original twelve, have heard the call: “Follow me!” Without a doubt we have seen Jesus! Nonetheless, our condition is such that we “see men that look like trees walking.” Our vision of God, ourselves and others is blurred by mist and fog! We see the heart of Father distortedly and dimly! We view ourselves through the perspective of childhood events. For example, childhood abuse blurs our vision with shame and guilt. And then, there are others! When we tenaciously maintain the distorted vision of Father and ourselves, we have little ability to REALLY SEE others. The religious leaders of Jesus’ day were like this. They could not SEE the woman caught in adultery. (John 8:1-11).

Imagine! Most likely this man was born blind. For the first time he saw … even though distorted. Jesus asked: “Do you see anything?” What would have been your reply? The man could have settled for his distorted condition. I mean, the difference between total darkness and some light is astronomical! Irregardless, the man was was ruthlessly and unashamedly honest. Though he saw for the first time, he admitted that his vision was less than perfect. (I really like this guy!) This man would settle for nothing less than perfect vision!

There’s the heart of the story! Though he had never seen before, the blind man was not gong to settle for second class. He wanted the whole package, whatever that was! What about you?

To the degree that we SEE
our own brokenness
we are enabled to SEE the heart of Father
for ourselves as
as well as others!
I don’t know your condition.
As for me I need eye care on a regular basis!