The love of Christ embraces all

“Love by its nature seeks union. The invitation of union is extended not only for Christians of iron will, austere seekers of God, those who preach the gospel and get doctorates in theology. It is not reserved for those who are well-known mystics or for those who do wonderful things for the poor…. It is for those poor enough to welcome Jesus. It is for people living ordinary lives and who feel lonely. It is for all those who are old, hospitalized or out of work, who open their hearts in trust to Jesus and cry out for his healing love. I would add that the outstretched arms of Jesus exclude NO ONE, neither the drunk in the doorway, the panhandler on the street, gays and lesbians in their isolation, the most selfish, ungrateful in their cocoons, the most unjust of employers, and the most overweening of snobs. THE LOVE OF CHRIST EMBRACES ALL WITHOUT EXCEPTION!” —Brennan Manning, The Furious Love Of God