T.D. Jakes on trusting the promises

“If you’ve ever suffered a setback, if you’ve ever hung your head in disappointment, if you’ve ever gone through a storm in life—be encouraged today: God is your fortress. He is your secret place. God is your shelter from the storm. If you’ll learn to live in that safe place—to dwell under God’s shadow—it will transform the way you go through life.
“When the winds howl and the tempest rages, you’ll be able to stand with unshakeable faith because you know that the omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God of the universe promises to see you through. You can defy the odds and shatter barriers, boldly declaring every step of the way, ‘God is my refuge and my fortress!’ [Psalm 46:1]

“Yet there is something critical most people fail to realize. Being sheltered from the storm means . . . there will be storms. We shouldn’t be surprised when we face pain or dilemmas in life. There are going to be tough times and difficult days on this side of Heaven. Here is the key: You have to trust God in the middle of your storm. You have to stand on His promises. You have to refuse to quit.

“No matter what situation you’re facing today—whether it’s a raging storm or a tide of uncertainty—you can find safety in the secret place of the Most High!” —T.D. Jakes